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Quick-Tip: Dividing a CGRect Using CGRectDivide (Objective-C)

Introduction When developing iOS applications without using Interface Builder, you’ll always end up with a headache of trying to work out some math to split up and layout your views. One obscure method that helps a ton when working with CGRects is CGRectDivide. void CGRectDivide (CGRect rect, CGRect *slice, CGRect *remainder, CGFloat amount, CGRectEdge edge);…

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Quick-Tip: Convert Coordinate System of a UIView

Introduction When performing complex animations during run-time or any task that would require the translation of one UIView’s location into that of another UIView, keeping track of the math on your own can be a challenge. Luckily Apple has created a few methods to make conversions simple. Converting the Coordinate System The conversion of one…

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