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Using the IGOverlayView to Display a Toast Message (ObjC)

What is the IGOverlayView? The IGOverlayView is a powerful and extremely flexible control for displaying any type of view that will overlay another view, with or without animation, when shown or dismissed. A total of 12 overlay animations are included, with 2 of these animation types allowing for custom animations limited by your imagination. What is a…

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Create Tappable Content Within the IGLabel (Obj-C)

What is the IGLabel? The IGLabel is an iOS control for creating rich text labels. It works similarly to the generic UILabel and applies styles to text in a similar fashion that is done when using attributed strings. It is also based on Core Text to boost performance and functionality over the generic UILabel. What is Tappable Content? Tappable content…

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Create a Side Menu using NucliOS

Introduction Side menus are a common UI pattern found in iOS apps. With the release of NucliOS 2014 Volume 2, we included a side menu control that makes it simple to add a side menu to any view. This post walks the basics of creating a side menu with this latest release of NucliOS. About…

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Quick-Tip: Dividing a CGRect Using CGRectDivide (Objective-C)

Introduction When developing iOS applications without using Interface Builder, you’ll always end up with a headache of trying to work out some math to split up and layout your views. One obscure method that helps a ton when working with CGRects is CGRectDivide. void CGRectDivide (CGRect rect, CGRect *slice, CGRect *remainder, CGFloat amount, CGRectEdge edge);…

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Quick-Tip: Convert Coordinate System of a UIView

Introduction When performing complex animations during run-time or any task that would require the translation of one UIView’s location into that of another UIView, keeping track of the math on your own can be a challenge. Luckily Apple has created a few methods to make conversions simple. Converting the Coordinate System The conversion of one…

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Using SQLite3 as a Data Source in an Xcode Project (Objective-C)

Introduction One important aspect of almost any application is the data source that provides or store data to the UI elements. In this article we’ll wire up the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world, SQLite, to the IGGridView. In addition you’ll learn how to execute a SELECT statement on a SQLite3 database, and…

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