Prank Call to a Store 17 Years Ago

To preface this old prank call, me and my good friend Clif decided to prank a local store with the idea that we’d pose a crazy situation to the person and pass control to them on how to resolve while making it harder and harder on them.

Custom Data Visualizations using D3.js with ReportPlus

Introduction One of the most powerful data visualization frameworks on the web is D3.js. The visualizations can be simple or really complex. If you’re curious for more examples, the D3.js visualizaiton gallery has some real amazing work. With such a powerful and flexible framework comes the tradeoff of being familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, etc. Despite needing a basic…

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Mobile Performance Testing – JSON vs XML

Introduction It doesn’t matter if you’re loading a configuration file, data set or even something obtained from a website to use as a data source, there is a performance tradeoff you’ll encounter because of the processing time that occurs while parsing JSON or XML. This blog post covers how well loading and reading JSON &…

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Using the IGOverlayView to Display a Toast Message (ObjC)

What is the IGOverlayView? The IGOverlayView is a powerful and extremely flexible control for displaying any type of view that will overlay another view, with or without animation, when shown or dismissed. A total of 12 overlay animations are included, with 2 of these animation types allowing for custom animations limited by your imagination. What is a…

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Create Tappable Content Within the IGLabel (Obj-C)

What is the IGLabel? The IGLabel is an iOS control for creating rich text labels. It works similarly to the generic UILabel and applies styles to text in a similar fashion that is done when using attributed strings. It is also based on Core Text to boost performance and functionality over the generic UILabel. What is Tappable Content? Tappable content…

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Create an IRC Bot using Python 2

What is IRC? If you’re unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) it is an application layer protocol used to facilitate chat with users all over the globe and has been around since the late 1980s and is still widely used to this day. There are several different IRC networks, so which one you chose to…

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Using BeautifulSoup to Scrape Websites

Introduction Beautiful Soup is a powerful Python library for extracting data from XML and HTML files. It helps format & organize the confusing XML/HTML structure to present it with an easily traversed Python object. With only a few lines of code you can easily extract information from most websites or files. This blog post will…

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Create a Side Menu using NucliOS

Introduction Side menus are a common UI pattern found in iOS apps. With the release of NucliOS 2014 Volume 2, we included a side menu control that makes it simple to add a side menu to any view. This post walks the basics of creating a side menu with this latest release of NucliOS. About…

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Quick-Tip: Dividing a CGRect Using CGRectDivide (Objective-C)

Introduction When developing iOS applications without using Interface Builder, you’ll always end up with a headache of trying to work out some math to split up and layout your views. One obscure method that helps a ton when working with CGRects is CGRectDivide. void CGRectDivide (CGRect rect, CGRect *slice, CGRect *remainder, CGFloat amount, CGRectEdge edge);…

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